Might Restart The Road America VLOG on YouTube

Getting around Road America takes up quite a bit of my time just for the picture taking. I really wanted to create a seasonal Road America vlog on YouTube that includes my adventures, photos and visitors, but the time suck was just so much during busy season.

I want to restart the VLOG and now that I have decent equipment to do that with, I just might. Recently, I purchased a GoPro Hero 8 Black and it is pretty sweet to say the least.

I feel like I could vlog with that quite easily, however I am running into an issue with where to store it when I am not actively using it. Leaving it on the moped is not idea and I am not sure that I need ANOTHER piece of photography equipment hanging from my body.

Have You Seen The VLOG Episodes I DO Have?

I started a YouTube channel back when it was OK to earn money on the site, even if you did not have a lot of subscribers. Then YouTube came and took away the dream and my channel just sat there.

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YouTube is a lot of fun and I sort of found a way to work my videos into my time at Road America. I just need to nail down that process and keep things going like a pro.

What Is The Reason For The Road America Vlog?

The main reason that I wanted to create a Road America VLOG came after I realized that so many people want to visit the track, but have not. Every single year, people make the trek to check it out for various events and I really wanted to document that.

There is so much to take in and even more than just the racing. I am going to work hard over the next 2 events and see if I cannot get back into that Road America vlog groove. The once the world gets “back to normal” for the 2021 season, I will push to have a vlog for each event.

I hope you come a long with me. Follow me on the social media channels and let’s have a good time!