WeatherTech International Challenge Photos from Road America 2020

I have been doing a bad job of keeping my website up to date, so this post is going to be doing just that. So, here are just a sample of international challenge photos that I put together.

The WIC vintage sportscar weekend is one of my favorites at Road America in case you have not heard me say that a million times. Not just because there are so many different cars on the track, spectators come from all over the country to show off their own rides and this year did NOT disappoint.

I will have a larger gallery at some point, this is a nice tease for now.

Road America Vintage Weekend Gallery

With so many cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, custom golf cars and other rides to photograph, I had to pace myself. However, when I saw the LaFerrari parked in the paddock I could not get my camera turned on fast enough.

What a sweet car. Of course, nobody can afford this 1 of 499 gems, but it sure was fun to look at and hear as it drove out of the paddock Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy a couple of my favorite international challenge photos from the paddock and the track. I will post more track related images as soon as I get them off the camera :) Enjoy! See you at IMSA!!

2020 International Challenge Photos

Remember, this is just a little sample of the International Challenge photos that I took. I really want to get a gallery of spectator cars and other customs together as well.

Custom vehicles from mini-bikes, to golf carts, to dune buggy’s to the loudest Chevy Camaro that I ever heard, were all checked into Road America.

Stay tuned and if you want to chat about Road America, hit me up on Twitter, or Instagram.