2022 MotoAmerica SuperBikes And More

One of the first events at Road America that ends up on television is the Motoamerica weekend. There is so much going on during one weekend. Only makes sense to get the weekend ticket and soak in the entire event. Besides the fact that there is going to be plenty of racing, the Vintage Motofest with bike show, music and awesome food added to the fan experience.

2022 motoamerica turn 13

My Motoamerica Weekend

I was not able to spend as much time at the track that I have been able to in the past. This weekend, it was limited on Saturday and mother nature was no help for me on the Sunday. With that said, I was not able to enjoy the paddock sights or some of the support series’ like normal.

With that said, I have the photos captured that I need in the first few hours of Saturday. The weather was hard to beat. If you come to this event, then you are aware that cold, windy, rainy conditions are common. Saturday was perfect weather and the crowds were just continuing to grow throughout the day.


It was Turn 3 for the AM hours to try and get some nice panning shots as the riders enter the turn. Exit of Turn 3 is always a nice place to focus, since in most cases, riders are on the throttle and lifting the wheel here.

After 20-30 minutes on Turn 3 I decided to move over to Turn 13. I can watch the Motoamerica action out of Canada Corner, up the hill and over to the final turn of the track.

Capturing superbikes at this part of Road America can be a little challenging with the elevation changes. With a little practice, the ones you do nail are pretty awesome.

Sunday was a little different.

With rain in the forecast, I am just not 100% motivated during weather events like this. Long days of drizzle with random shots of downpour are just the right amount of rain worth sleeping through. All the gear I use at Road America is insured, but that does not seem to make much difference :)

2022 motoamerica road america winner cam petersen

A schedule update after oil got on the track and the rain was causing delays in the cleanup, according to the Twitter feed throughout the morning.

Get up and at them!

Finally, I motivated myself to go to the track. I packed up the moped and off I went. When I arrived, the SuperSport race was about to start and I had a few images in mind for this and the SuperBike race. With that said, I made my way to Turn 6-7. The cloud cover made for some real nice contrast in the photos for the day.

I spent almost the entire SuperSport race at Turn 6-7. I made micro adjustments to my body/lens combo with hope that I could avoid that for the upcoming INDYCAR weekend.

Nevertheless, it was nice to be back to the Road America for the main events through the season. The NTT INDYCAR SERIES Sonsio Grand Prix Presented by AMR is the event coming up June 9-12th. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, check out some of my work from last season on my INSTAGRAM profile.