June Sprints 2021 Did You Attend?

Road America is one of the best tracks in America, just ask those that drive it on a regular basis. There is no better test group then the June Sprints. Bringing drivers from all over the country, in my different types of racecars to one place in Wisconsin is sure to be a great time.

I secured my credentials and noticed the weather was going to be perfect for the entire weekend. If you have ever been to Road America before July, you KNOW this is not always the case. I was most excited that I would get to see the track packed with racing fans and a paddock filled with more than 300 entries.

WeatherTech 2021 Chicago Region June Sprints

The WeatherTech 2021 Chicago Region June Sprints event is always run very well. The organization is top notch and it has to be in order to get all of the entry groups on and off the track in a time sensitive fashion. As a motorsports photographer at Road America, this makes me very happy.

There is nothing worse than sitting trackside waiting for the next series to hit the pavement!

Just Another Day at The Track

Overall it was a lot of fun. The paddock was flowing with people and that made for some great photos as well. I like to focus on the fans at Road America. They make any event at the end of the day. If you were there, maybe I met you, maybe I didn’t, but I most likely got a couple of photos of your car on track.

Enjoy the gallery and remember you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook if that is where you spend more of your time. See you at the track!